Time is running out to own a beautiful and skillfully made ceramic, silver jewellery and gifts available at the Mariana-Art Gallery, as we will be closing on Monday 26 August 2019. All pottery, paintings and hiking sticks arel made locally in the United Kingdom. Cheerful Limited Edition St. Briavels breakfastware is fast running out!! We have hand-made silver jewellery by Ann Skehel of Wyemade; Oven to table pottery by Derek Lamb of Newnham Potters, Walking & Hiking sticks by John Wiseman; Scarves and Gifts; unusual macro-crystalline pottery and coloured glass jewellery by Avril Farley.

See below for more details and images.

Other gifts include crafts, contemporary jewellery, Vintage Corner, Robert Allison brooches from the 1950's and second hand quality binoculars offering amazing quality at low prices.

Limited Edition St Briavels Porcelain Breakfastware, Ceramics, Books & Gifts

St Briavels breakfastware will brighten up any table, and who knows, it may even cheer up a dreary Monday morning when you have your pre-work cuppa? The Limited Edition range of just 1200 pieces has almost come to an end. We have a few milk jugs, cream jugs, egg cups and 500ml teapots. Last of the Limited Edition pieces selling out fast! Please note that although these items are microwave and dishwasher safe, they should be washed by hand to preserve the strong colours.
Derek Lamb learned the pottery craft under the tutelage of Sally Dawson, Craft Potters' Association. A small range of Derek's super Bosphorus blue and Atlantic blue, high quality stoneware pieces includes bowls, dishes, mugs and jugs. Each piece is fired at 1280o for durability, making them wholly ovenproof.
Rare brooches and pins by Scottish Ionian silversmith Robert Allison are available at Mariana Art Gallery. We have original Glasgow and Edinburgh hallmarked Sterling Silver pieces from the 1950s and 1960s. Call us or click in the header of any page to send an email for more information.
Robinson's Emporium has a small display of used, checked and collimated binoculars available for sale at the gallery.

Try them before you buy them.

Gift stock is constantly changing, so like the original artwork offered for sale at the gallery, once it's gone - it's gone.

Click here to view the ceramics and gifts available at our gallery


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